\I use photography to capture the social architecture of the vernacular. This manifests visually in images that profess a recognition of change married with an appreciation for the memory of history. The images I create are a translation into my own visual language the people and places I encounter.

My images depict the intersection of various social influences on people and their environments; the traditional; the contemporary; the local; and the foreign. I document how the creative amalgamation of those influences produces new and unique social contexts. By capturing this dynamic social remixing, my images seek to challenge assumptions of static, shallow and generalized cultures.  

I have a particular interest in realigning public consciousness against the status quo. Photography is a powerful tool in this battle. It is with this understanding that I approach image-making with an acute awareness of the sensitivity of representation. It is my hope that the photographs I create can contribute to a new archive which questions and disrupts unjust systems of power.

Zachary Rosen - b. 1985, Madison, Wisconsin 
To see more images, visit: my Flickr and Lightstalkers accounts.

Find my writing on visual art and representation at the media critique website Africa is a Country.

I currently reside and work in Washington, DC. 

To contact me, please email zach.rosen@gmail.com
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